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Carbon Tax – Party Positions

(as of 7 September 2012)

ALP: Brought the carbon tax through Parliament and are in support of it. ALP is considering scaling back the tax. ALP believe the tax will set Australia up with an economic structure that will allow for shifts to a more environmentally and socially sustainable future.

LIB/NAT: Do not support. They believe the carbon tax will cause an increase

in overall household costs and will not be a viable system of economic functioning.GREENS: Support environmental change and a price on carbon. Not willing to renegotiate to form a scaled-back carbon tax.

INDEPENDENT (OAKESHOTT): Supports the carbon tax, however he wants the floor price to be removed. The floor price would determine how low the price would go.

INDEPENDENT (WILKIE): Supports the carbon tax.

INDEPENDENT (WINDSOR): Supports the carbon tax.

KATTER’S AUSTRALIAN PARTY: Opposed to carbon tax. Supports renewable energies (such as ethanol).

DLP: Do not support.

FAMILY FIRST: Do not support.


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