Rolling with the Punches

Did Abbott intimidate fellow Sydney University SRC candidate Barbara Ramjan?

Whether or not you believe Abbott did throw some punches at the wall to intimidate, this debate raises further questions about our pasts, and by how much we can be judged for them. Do our pasts held true to our present character, and we be held accountable for the actions of our past? Or is the past best left in the past?
Here are the facts:
– Barbara Ramjan has said Aboott threw punches either side of her head to intimidate her after she defeated him in the SRC elections in 1977.

– Barrister David Patch, who was Ms Ramjan’s campaign manager, has supported Ramjan’s claims. Although he did not see the incident, he says she came to him after the incident to tell him about it.

– An unidentified witnessed as stated they saw Abbott throwing punches.

– In the Quarterly Essay, David Marr highlighted the incident, having researched it after the story was recounted at a 40th reunion.
– Tony Abbott originally claimed to have no recollection of the incident, and then later denied the incident ever happened.



Tony Abbott boxing. Source: Herald Sun.


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