Do you give a Gonski?

What is it?

The Gonski Review was a report, headed by business man David Gonski, that reviewed school funding and the growing inequality that can develop in economically-disadvantaged schools. Commissioned by the Government in 2010, the report revealed that Australian schools need increased investments, fairer funding, stronger accountability and an independent National Schools Resourcing Body who would overlook the management of school resources.

The report found that:
– Student performance has been decreasing.
– The gap between advantaged, and disadvantaged, as well as high performing and low performing students is increasing.
– Current funding mechanisms do not provide equal financial support to all schools, resulting in an unequal distribution of resources. This means some school receive extra resources whilst other schools miss out completely on certain services.

The report concluded that:
– Australia must prioritise for its lowest performing students.
– All children should have equal access to the best quality education.
– Students should leave school without the necessary skills to participate in the workforce (such as literacy and numeracy skills).

Key points of the report can be read here:


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